Just a Spiritualist Interview.

These are interviews which have been recorded and played on the Psychic Beth's Spiritual Calling Show, broadcast on PulseTalkRadio.com Wednesday between 6-8 pm UK time. The dates are when the interviews were recorded.  Some may yet still to be broadcast at the time of uploading to hear. Shown in date order the newest to the bottom of the page.

If you listen to on the radio you get the pleasure of my "jingle" pre interview: 


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Interview Index.

Lily Dale New York State 16th September 2018

Light of Truth Church in Cheektowaga, Buffalo New York State  23rd September 2018

Dunfermline Spiritualist Church Private Circle  18th October

Alloa Spiritualist Church -  4th November 2018

Fredona New York State - 14th November 2018

Mark Stewart live on the Radio from Lily Dale - 14th November 2018

Fredona New York State - 15th November 2018

Intro Jingle - Marc Stuart
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