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Due to Coronavirus

Online Home Readings & Online Services

Coronavirus is affecting us all in so so many ways, from isolation to economic strain through to fear of illness and possibly losing people we love.  There is not much we can do other than all come together mentally in love and support as we all have to face physical isolation.

Marc and Patty only a week ago were working together in the USA at a Fayre and several private and public events meeting people and giving them readings in person. Marc usually works on Church Gallery and Platforms, and both worked at Psychic Fairs.  However, everything has changed over the last week.

Mediums Marc and Patty, are used to dealing with messages for people that help them to cope with the loss of loved ones living evidence of life after death. For anyone that is worried about the consequences for loved ones and themselves, this is the time that evidence of life after what we call death is needed.  Mediums know the truth that death is just the next door that we must pass through.

Churches are having to close.  So many congregations of Spiritual Churches are not able to get Church Spiritual readings. Person to person readings also will not be advised. And finally, psychic fairs are being canceled. These Spiritual events closing are depriving people of getting Spiritual readings. 

Marc is trying to organise giving platform style readings every Sunday from his Facebook Page.  This will be

8 pm UK time and 4 pm Eastern Cost USA time.  To take part log onto the ink below on Sunday at the correct time.

Spiritualism is an energy that we can not fully understand. It brings us all together and connects all of us with the loved ones that we have around us all the time yet we can not see. Mediums are the tools, the smartphones that can connect with that energy and interpret the message for you.

The other great energy of our world is the network we call the online world of the world wide web. Marc and Patty are now gearing up and using technology to reach out and be able to offer the readings online that they now can not get in person until the crisis clears. Linking the spiritual energy with you through the electronic world of the web.

Take the time and a chance to be in touch with others in the Spiritual realm. If you are totally new then we invite you to look at some videos of Marc working to see what is possible. They would both like to invite you for a reading to help you get through these difficult times by finding some love from the other realm. 
Marc is more traditional and more direct.  Patty is more rounded in style. Choose below to send a request for a booking.  They both work through Facebook Messenger and phone or Skype. 


Marc - Phone USA - Phone UK - Email 

Patty - Phone USA - Email 

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